U8 Hurricanes

  • Károly Vitárius , headcoach
    He started to play ice hockey when he was 7 years old. He always wanted to try different sport activities. He retired from active sport when he was 22 years old. He has been working at the KMH since 2009. He acquired his trainer qualification in the University of Physical Education. Károly is the headcoach of the U8 team and the leader of School Hockey program. It is important to him to teach to the children the importance of sport and healthy lifestyle. He likes to train and teach the youngest generation of players.

  • Vivien Somogyi, assistant coach
    Vivi is the member of Hungarian National Team. She was the player of MAC and Marilyn HC too. She arrived to KMH in 2014. She took part in World Championship in U18 age-group and after it she played in the Woman’s National Team in Auckland in 2013. She contributed to the success of the team with her first goal against the italian team. She is an active player now. She plays in our EWHL and OB I teams. Beside this, she is a coach too. She helps the work of Károly Vitárius with School Hockey and U8 teams. She leads the preparation of our new U8-U10 team: KMH Girls. She works with Rebeka Ungár.

  • Rebeka Ungár
    She started to play ice hockey in FTC in 2003. Later she played in different teams. She became the member of KMH in 2013. She was the player of U18 National Team in 2012. She helped the team with her assist against Kazakhstan. After it she played in Norway and Finland too as the player of Hungarian National Team. In 2013 she was chosen as best player of the game in the team. This team qualified to Division 1. She works with our players of U8 and U10 age-groups. She leads the team of KMH Girls with Vivien Somogyi.