Scorpion XI program

The Scorpion XI skating and ice hockey program is one of the most important recruiting channel of our sport club. Thus it is really important to us to develop and refine the operation of the program, considering the feedback of the children, parents and teachers.
All of the participants are working together to reach their goals.
The main aim is that the children feel well on the ice, and learn skating and playing ice hockey as well as they can.
10 primary schools from District XI. take part in the program. Besides them some groups of kindergartens attend the trainings twice a week.
The paramount aim is to boost the sportlife of the district with special attention to the ice hockey.
Skilled instructors with serious player history lead the treanings to help the advancement of children’s skills and teach them the basics of ice hockey.
The accompanying teachers are integral parts of the Scorpion XI program as the children and coaches. It is the teachers task to pass the students to the trainers at the beginning of the lessons. This process can happen if the children wear proper clothes with the equipments that needed to the education.
The teachers also have the opportunity to take part in the lessons and they can learn how to adjust the equipments appropriately.

Equipment rental: (headgears, skates)
Headgear and skates are secured free to the participant students to the duration of the education.
Furthermore the KMH provides the opportunity to the children to use th found gloves and scarfs.
We check and maintain the different equipments regularly. If something of the rented things is faulty or wrong it is essential to inform the workers.
These are expected from the equipments:

  • Be in safe and uncorrupted condition.
  • It can be fixed safely and comfortable.
  • It has to be fitted to the size of the child.
  • It has to be proper to the educational aims.

The leader of the program is Károly Vitarius.
His availability: