Past and future

Puck It All – Cheers Ice Hockey – Cheers Scorpions

Early years

Scorpions Ice Hockey Team started in 1998 then evolved in 2012 with the introduction of Canadian ice hockey school and Hockey Canada. The passionate amateur players of Scandinavian Scorpions, an offspring of SONY PSX NHL 98, were the forerunners of Canadian-Hungarian Ice Hockey Club, i.e. KMH Budapest.
First, Scandinavian Scorpions played in the Hungarian Amateur Ice Hockey League (MAJL) consisting of fifteen teams in 1988. They ended up at the 15th (last) place. Albert “Czike” was their first head coach.
The adult team won the Amateur Championship in 2011 and 2013. After the foundation of the Amateur Hockey League our team took the 3rd place in the championship, but they won the National Championship (OB IV). We have qualified for the 2014/15 seasons of the Amateur Hockey League and the National Championship (OB IV, OB III), too. In these two championships we have 3 and 2 first places until this season.

Since the reorganization

Our reorganization of young players development program in 2012 has guaranteed physical, mental and skills improvements through practicing ice hockey. Safe and sound physical and mental hygiene, strength and stamina, team spirit, common goals and conflict resolution are indispensable to become successful and happy. Our club was reorganized according to Canadian ice hockey development methods in 2012.
In the year of 2012 KMH has teams only in U8, U10, U12 and U14 age-groups. We could compete in those championships. Since then we have reached that we can take part in championships from U8 to senior age-groups.
Our players are being trained and coached all-year-round and more recruits have been pouring in every season. Ice hockey is not a spectacular and fantastic team sport only for professional players with sports career drives, but also for other young players who wish to become healthy, strong and ready to have fun. Our club and foundation have solid finances to guarantee the highest prevailing standards for quality coaching and management. However, we also need and exploit special tax credits for limited team sports including ice hockey.
Although our program is long-term, short-term results are equally important and we expect the first results in a few years. Our development scheme guarantees the development of a large pool of well-trained young players providing a solid base for Hungarian ice hockey in the long run. Our ice hockey club is the best choice for all children who like to play ice hockey.
A brand new era started in 2012 when we opened the first EU-standard ice hockey hall, Spike Hall, in Buda (District 11). We devised a development scheme for young players to provide a long-term pool for registered players. We concluded a strategic cooperation with other ice hockey clubs (MAC Budapest Ice Hockey Academy, JEGKERT SE) in 2012.
We have also concluded a strategic agreement with the University of Technology and constructed a light-structure mobile ice rink near Spike Hall on university sports grounds in cooperation with Prof. György Andor and Gábor Péhl. This rink will host our club until the reconstruction of Spike Hall is completed. The new mobile ice rink is called Spike Tent and accessible from Bogdánfy Ödön Street.
Bob Leslie (CAN/GB) guarantee Professional coaching and management in cooperation with the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation in order to introduce the methods and principles of Hockey Canada. Besides our professional coaches and managers, the young graduates of the University of Physical Education also help our program.
A new era started not only in our club but also in the history of Hungarian women ice hockey when KMH Sport Ltd. and our club qualified a professional women ice hockey team for EWHL (Elite Women’s Hockey League) for the season of 2012/13.
Our club is a non-profit organization with corporate governance and social responsibilities relying on tax credits and sponsorship which can be deducted from our sponsors due taxes. Our club is also eligible for the special tax credits for selected team sports.