U10 Mini

  • Péter Dombauer Dr., headcoach
    Péter is working in the KMH since 2014. He is the headcoach of the U10 team and he takes part in the trainings of U16 teams. He deals with the School Hockey program too. He is one of the leaders of this program.
    He was the member of the National Team in differen age-groups. He won the Hungarian Championship as a member of MAC.
    Besides the ice hockey, he was the member of the National Team in 3 different sports. These are: mountain biking, in-line hockey and floorball. He reached outstanding results in these sports too.

  • Csaba Gömöri, assistant coach
    He started to play ice hockey in 1979 in FTC. He won 9 champion title in different age-groups. He was the member of Natioanl Team in different age-groups. In 2007 he launched his own team, called „Budai Bocsok”. They have competed in MJSZ championships for 7 years. He was the headcoach of U18 Women’s National Team. They reached the group „A” together. With the senior women’s team they achieved group „B”.
    Currently at KMH Csaba is the coach of the „C” team of U12.